Thursday, October 9, 2008

View Frm Venus

Just like everyone I have my views... on just about everything I see, feel and come across... Just about everything in this expanse of the universe... Just like each of you who might read this and equally as much as those who won't... I have a view... in fact I have more than one view... Often intervined and influenced, largely uncluttered, fairly liberal and somewhat conservative... Sometimes accepted, often rebuked and scoffed.. yet they never stop and I guess they never should... So here we ago... finally I find a place where I can just about put forth all of them... in a tone and manner I'd love to, in a fashion I'd want. Raising a toast to every view you ever had... a toast all of our thought, knowledge and actions... for all views and thoughts are intervined with one another and are a consequence of the each other...

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