Monday, September 6, 2010

Need reasons? I just have Love!!

Someone sang not so long ago… “Love me for a reason and let the reason be love” and I always felt that it was one of the easiest things to do. Wow… isn’t it? Love because you love! Isn’t that easy… I’d find it mighty difficult if I had to love someone only after I had convinced myself of the 100-odd reasons I’d need to know if I could love them or not. It is certainly easier to just go ahead and Love - without reasons & consequences.

One of my favorite lines goes like this “too many things in our lives are done without passion - let Love not be one of them” and just because I use Love & Passion in the same sentence doesn’t mean it is Love of a 'certain' kind only. It can be any love… between anyone, anything!

Why can’t we trust that it can exist – devoid of its negative trappings and existing in its most fundamental & beautiful form! Love that is not about receiving but one that is about giving. Why don’t we take Love to be an honest expression of care and warm outpouring of emotion? Why are we looking for reasons someone loves us before we begin to appreciate the love they have?

We live in strange times, so strange that every step could count as a bizarre paradox. We try with all our might to achieve a few things but conveniently forget to celebrate the success of those achievements. We cry our hearts out for someone to listen & care, yet when someone comes around we only have suspicion to greet that move. Why have we - as people & society, become so pessimistic and negative in thought. Our minds are closed to the possibility of love; our hearts no longer warm to finding selfless care.

We all know it, we all want it… we yearn for someone to love unconditionally… yet cannot believe that someone actually does! So contrived are our times that we cannot believe that love can exist for the sake of love alone. Yes, there has been an odd calamity here, an odd mistake there… but as species I wonder if such pessimism is warranted. Our lives are so in tuned as “ends justifying means” agents that in everything we look for a logical explanation. And if there comes none, our conclusions are grim to say the least.

The Bible says that we are all made in the image of God, and it also says that God is love… even my poor mathematics tells me that if a=b and b=c then a=c… by which I can assuredly conclude that each of us humans are capable of love because that is how God made us. Of a love that is selfless, honest and true. One that is devoid of a selfish motive… love that is because of love alone.

Sad, that we have now come to believe that we are incapable of such love! And even more saddening is that we have shut ourselves to even receive some of it!!

Is this the state of our poverty in our consciousness that we cannot accept “Love whose reason is Love Alone?” haven’t we been looking for it all along? Haven’t we been wishing that we find love that doesn’t restrict our horizons, that doesn’t want anything in return, that wants to give, that wants to express, that wants you to know you are special, that wants to just love… no more!!

I feel deeply disheartened that our pessimism and cynicism is so entrenched that now we do not want to Love this way anymore; we rather not believe that such love can exist than having to justify its existence. Our lives & times are all about justifying the myriad ends; Love has become a task which is measured for its 'justify-ability'… I can no longer love, just because I want to love, I need to give reasons and so many of them… sadly, the world that sang “Love me for a reason, and Let the reason be Love” has now settled for “Love me for a reason, else don’t bother to Love”

If you care to Love, you must be ready to explain – why, how, reasons, justifications, relations... and I find giving so much proof… as difficult as I did to prove mathematical theorems.

Glad I was awful at the theorems, for I’m no good at a ‘Hence Proved’ love either!

"For I loved as I could,
not as the world thought I should!
The Love I had, I never hid,
And there wasnt any wrong,
In all that I did!

I loved, not looking for a return,
I gave, never waiting for my turn!
'Cos my Love wasnt for any reason,
It was just an honest care & warmth,
And it stayed the same, each day, every season!!"

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