Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whose wrong, Which's Right??

Born into a world fed on being “right”
Life by heart is an endless fight!
Having to choose the logical or the insane,
A fight that’s – pointless & vain!!

For I was never a child of the mind
Free-spirited ‘am of my own kind!
Whether the world wants me or not,
In this endless dilemma, I find myself caught!!

It’s not like logic doesn’t get to me,
Or “rational” is something I can’t be!
But I trust that mind alone is not the way,
That the heart must have just as much say!!

Where rationality rules by reason,
I’d prefer some warmth that stays all season!
We’ve let our minds shore up so much ego,
That care & love have ceased to grow!

Why are we so quick to judge?
And so adamant not to budge?
As long as we can come together & unite,
Should it really matter whose wrong, which’s right??

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