Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wanting What I Really Want!!

“We try harder to avoid what we dislike, than achieve what we really want” … something to this effect is what’s said in The Da Vinci Code, and is one statement that has stayed with me for a long time.

As circumstances, situations and stress bears down on us, we often find ourselves bogged down and hard pressed. We’re dominated and dictated by situations, and often our lame sigh is “something’s are beyond our control” oh well indeed they are! And yet its not the situation that I am worried about, instead it’s our outlook or attitude.

There’s not a single soul around who doesn’t want happiness, but how much do we want to contribute to it? Life as it appears, we’re more & more fighting things that we’d rather avoid than go strive to find those that we actually, really want? What’s the difference? You may ask… not much indeed, but enough! Enough to shape our outlook, enough to shape the destiny of our days and the happiness in them!

Sometimes, we ought to make a decision! To leave our worries behind us, and take a leap of faith.. a leap to believe in the happiness of our life!!

It takes a decision and effort to say “no, I will not let the disappointments of the day take away the inherent happiness of my life” … there is much to thank for, much to be happy about – yes, the onion prices are hitting the roof, but mum still has just the same love when she cooks for us; yes, the internet was down for a couple of hours, but the friend next door is always there to lend a shoulder; yes, the share prices are erratic, but there’s nothing erratic in the smile of those who love us.

There are surely things beyond our control, things that get to us, that psyche us out, sure… but surely they are not the - be all and end of our lives! Step back and take a closer look, for all its troubles life has its moments of simple joys… those that we need to be careful to cherish! Lets not be too worried of the deserts in our lives… so much that we don’t enjoy the lil oasis that comes across.

Our complaints drown out the chirping of the birds, our myopic vision blurs out the morning dew! There are plenty of things the Lord provides for free & in abundance… plenty to be joyous about, plenty to thank Him for! Look around, many are unhappy because they only think of avoiding unhappiness! We need to give ourselves a break, just shift our vision, tells ourselves that we want to be happy, that nothing will rob us of our inherent happiness. Just a small change in our outlook… from avoiding what we dislike… to achieving what we really want!!

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