Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our lil Rendezvous

Sitting in a far off corner,

I was lost for all who could see!

Yet in the corner of my eye,

From the distance I felt you notice me!!

I turn around to check,

If it was indeed the case!

But you stole your eyes away,

Away you turned your face!!

So I walk in your direction

And in work you seem engrossed!

Do I say something or just walk by?

My heart – back & forth it tossed!!

And I walk past, but only just,

Only to beat a hasty retreat!

And to catch you stealing a look again,

Ah! My joy felt complete!!

So I muster enough strength,

To come and stand by you!

Deep inside my heart had just,

Skipped a beat or two!!

And when you looked up,

With that pretty smile!

I was so tongue tied,

Just stood staring for a while!!

For a while time seemed frozen

And the world seemed to melt away!

Just stare I could at the lovely you,

Still not sure what I wanted to say!!

Finally when I spoke,

Indecipherably I mumbled!

My mind was still lost,

And my sentences were jumbled!!

As I walked back

And reflected on our lil rendezvous!

Though I didn’t quite say it,

I’m sure you heard me say “I love you”!!

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