Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Today!!

Who knows what’s coming ahead,

Would I be around or long gone dead?

No one’s seen the morrow,

Then why should I hold any sorrow?

How should, what might or may?

Define how I live today!

When everything is so uncertain,

Isn’t my grief for future but vain?

Here’s is my moment,

Here I am now!

Now is the moment,

To live, wonder and wow!!

Would be great, if all plans shape up

The way we see them in our head,

But often they can,

And sure do, go another way instead!

For I know not the end,

Nor can I change it for what it is!

For He’s the author

And all that’s written is His!

So I must, live and love

In all that is today!

‘Cos even if the morrow comes

It would still be another Today!!

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