Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cheated of our Unity and Oneness!

“A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there's less of you!”

Creation of Telangana: We haven’t created a state but a farce!

I hate to be a party-spoiler but what exactly are my Telangana friends celebrating? Being cheated into a false new dawn?

At a time when we need to stand more united than ever, we fight and kill – each other. It would be the stupidity of those who celebrate because this decision is not made for its right but it is made because it serves the complicit interests of some. The government has blatantly pulled wool over the eyes of the people – diverting attention and dangling carrots of fake hope.

Those who sought the division of the state did so for selfish interests and the ‘masses’ who supported it did so out of sheer ignorance. The culmination of all of this is today’s ‘decision’ – that smacks of highhandedness and cheating. There have been media reports crying their lungs horse that the decision is being taken to shore up Congress’ electoral gains, are the pro-Telangana folks to desperate that they couldn’t care less whatever the costs?

And what about those of your own brethren who are opposed to the division of the state? Not those from Andhra but the very natives of Telangana? Are you too selfish to ignore even those – if so, what is so kosher about the very sentiment you claim to stand for? As a child, each morning I pledged that each of our fellow countrymen were brothers and sisters! Guess that is just a good line to utter, in the adult world there is no place for fraternal sentiments if they were to come in the way of petty political gains!

A country, a government and its leadership is defined by doing things right. A state is far greater than the individuals and those in power must rise above selfish motives. And time after time after time, our country has been treated quite to the contrary!

To the commoner that I am, on the face of it, the division of the state or otherwise makes no difference in the real world! I will still have the same routine, same joys and same challenges. And yet in the deep of my heart, I have been torn right down the middle! The joy of being one nation, one state, the very essence of oneness being wilted away by senseless politicians. 

The only gains from this would be made by a few who will claim power, to the rest of us who are commoners (both who celebrate today and those who don't) nothing will have changed tomorrow - the challenges of each day will remain the same, and yet the joy of unity will have been torn apart! How ironical, that both classes elected the same government to do the exact opposite! 

Those of us, who believe this is a victory, please think again! Yes, it’s a victory for those who fool us time and again and continue to fill their coffers while we put in the hard yards!

If indeed the demand for Telangana is so widespread, I welcome the decision, but alas, we all know it wasn’t – it was at the heart of it a selfish, self-centered call! We’ve just been cheated out of our wits one more time, and some of us sadly don’t see it! I would welcome the decision if it were to have been made with the right intent, desire and the right objective – sadly, none of it even crossed our political folk!!

So, here we are then, as in the words of Canadian poet Margaret Eleanor Atwood, each one of us will survive this division/amputation but we will soon figure that there's is now a little less of us than before!!

PS: There’s still a long way to go for the actual division, I would hope there’s still chance for us to call quits to this farce!!

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