Sunday, August 8, 2010

"... I screwed up!!"

Across my shoulder, I wished for an arm,
Disturbed heart, wishing for calm,
A helping hand, to pick myself up,
For this was the moment I screwed-up!

I knew it was my wrong, my bad,
But it was the ensuing loneliness, which made me sad
For I only hoped to you’d understand
That this was the moment I needed your hand!

I slipped and I know, I realize
That it wasn’t my best moment of being wise
Yet it wasn’t that I purposely let things slip
But it was a fleeting moment, a momentary blip!

In moments such as these,
When condemnations comes with ease,
All I need is a helping hand, to pick me up,
And tell me, that it’s ok to screw-up!!

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