Monday, August 16, 2010

Lonliness of Mistakes!!

I began to fill the emptiness that surrounds me
With the pieces of a broken heart!
I stood there by your side
Desperate for you not you leave,
Desperately clinging by your sleeve!

Yet, given that was my mistake,
And they never give a place to hide,
For Mistakes are loneliness,
Where I just had myself to confide!

And you looked at me to say nothing
Silence that tore us apart
Yet my folly was that I was wrong
And thus left to cry a lonely song!

Taken aback, and chocked!
If I spoke I was augmentative
If I didn’t, of guilt, I was admissive
I did neither, and I was called indecisive!

With tears in my eyes
And pain in my heart
I stood,
For that is all I could!

Can’t you see what this is doing to me?
It breaks my heart that you can stand there and not say a word.
All you want is go away
I’m scared – from deep inside
I’m scared – heart, body and mind

Nothing makes sense,
I try, I fail!
I try further, I fail further!!
I wish you tell me everything will be fine.
That everything will go back to the way it was.
That you love me and won’t leave me,

It’s my fallible moment,
It was my mistake…
To crucify me would be the obvious,
Why don you hold me back from oblivion?
For I’m searching for a place to hide,
And yet I find myself lonely
In the loneliness of mistakes, just have myself confide!

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