Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Prodigal Returns!!

Where was I, all this while?
Gone - far and away,
May be a million mile!

Do I deserve a return?
Or long gone,
Is the chance of taking a U-Turn!

Am I confused?
And scared,
Of being turned away and refused!!

For I don’t know what awaits me?
A servere backlash?
But certainly not a welcoming party I'll see!!

Yet, forever I couldn’t stay away?
Soon it'll be dark,
And I should turn around, while its still day!

Not sure if it is my best bet?
Unsure and trembling
In the direction of home, my sails are set!!

I'm worried over what awaits me?
Sweating, I’m unaware,
That my father still awaits me in glee!!

For wasn’t it His promise?
He guards not the ninety-nine,
But the one that’s gone amiss!

Surprisingly, whats the unexpected I find?
Love and care, warmth that awaits
For my Father is patient and kind!!

Inspired by the one of the most touching parables of the Bible - The Prodigal Son!

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