Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have a dear friend!!

Deep in my heart, I have a dear friend,
Living this city, that knows no end!
Days to weeks to months, time moves on
Blink of an eye, even a year is gone!!

While ever so close he is to my heart,
A few miles of the city, are a world apart!
For utterly maddening, is life’s race,
That ibeen a while I saw him face to face!!

For there was a time, and that was then,
But now we’re expected to be grown up men!
Far from the playful, life now is a silly game,
Each to his own, trying to make a name!!

Often I vow to myself, “Tomorrow I’d call him”
Yet it turning that to reality, the odds are so slim!
For the morrow comes & goes
How it flew away, no one knows!!

Deep in my heart, I had a dear friend,
Left with memories, I am at the end!
For when I had the time, we let it go,
And now I’m wondering “how could I do so”!!

And yet, lucky me! Not all is lost,
I still have time to make up for the past!
To take a walk, to that the dearest friend,
The one who’s special to day this day, beyond the worlds end!!

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