Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm afraid!

I’m afraid to tell you what bothers me,
I’m afraid to admit that I do not see!
The logic and all the myriad sense,
The very emphasis on intelligence!!

I’m afraid to tell you I do not know,
I’m afraid to listen to ‘I-told-you-so!’
The rational and everything that’s ‘right,’
What you have come to term - foresight!!

I’m afraid of being scorned or judged,
I’m afraid, to a side, being nudged!
Amidst all logic and perfect sense,
Would I be termed an irrelevance?

I’m afraid of listening to silence
I’m afraid of watching bloodless violence
It all rings of a deafening disquiet
Like a unsettling and quelling riot

I’m afraid that this is not my place
I’m afraid of the emptiness of space
Which end of the road do I follow?
For each only seems to end in a hollow!

I’m afraid because I feel alone,
I’m afraid for its all unknown!
There’s a whole world and its populace,
And yet I feel, am an alien race!!

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