Monday, October 14, 2013

A New Place

I wish I could make some space
That could be your own special place!
Where each moment, you could just be
Find everything just as you want to see!!

A place for you to find
The beauty in the thoughts of your mind!
Where you could play all day in the sunlight
Where you arent judged for wrong or right!!

A place that lets you be the child
Where problems don't get piled!
A place to hide you in warm embrace
That opens up new & exiciting ways!!

A place to see that you're fragile
A place to make you smile!
Where there's plenty to love and care
Where someone is always there!!

Then I thought, "Wait I may know such place!"
One that's all yours each one of the days
It's yours in wholeness not just a part
It's the place that lies right in the depth of my heart!!

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