Saturday, May 3, 2014

That Missing Spirit

That missing spirit of ‘at any cost’
That you’d find me while I was yet lost
The assurance that everything was possible
However the situation seemed implausible!

That missing spirit of ‘I can do it all’
That you’d catch me, if I were to fall
The assurance of your loving arm
Around my shoulder to keep me calm!

That missing spirit of ‘Christmas everyday’
That you were never too far away
The assurance of you being there
Keeping company with love & care!

That missing spirit of ‘yes right now’
That you held me together like a bough
The assurance of your gentle hand
No matter what, you’d understand!

That missing spirit of ‘who really am me’
That I was always what you got to see
The assurance of my anchor in you
Aside from thee, have really no clue!

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