Thursday, October 29, 2015

Always One

No country’s perfect and neither is mine
But what’s with the obsession on what I dine
While you were too focused on my plate
Someone just slept hungry, cursing his fate

Born into a free country were we
But now killed for exercising choices we’d be
How much more easier is coexistence to define
I'll respect your freedom and you respect mine

Heck with what I eat 
Or with the choice of my meat
How have we forgotten, that
Without one another we're both incomplete

We needn't swear by the same God
Or not swearing by any should make one odd
Don't be in such a rush
To color everyone with different brush

For we love this land and love you too
You might be plenty and us too few
Wish us away or call us any name
We'd always be the brothers, always the same!!

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