Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sometimes in vein so light
Sometimes in a bitter fight
Sometimes by the roadside
Sometimes in just my inside
Sometimes I’d shout
Sometimes I’d sit stout
Sometimes moody
At times touch broody
At all times I’m loving you!!

Sometimes there’s no measure
Never a bigger treasure
Sometimes on the highway
Even when I want it my way
Sometimes I yell
Cried when I fell
Sometimes desperate
At times desolate
At all times I’m loving you!!

Times when I say it out
Sometimes that I don’t
Sometimes in my cry
Till the moment I die
Sometimes in a whisper
Sometimes may be crisper
Sometimes I moan
Times I’m on phone
At all times I’m loving you!!

At the hour when it rains
Even when it pains
Sometimes in my sleep
Always from my heart’s deep
Sometimes in sun
Times when we have fun
Sometimes calm
Always as I am
Always I’m loving you!!

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