Sunday, December 4, 2011

You're special & I can't wait to be back!!

Yash Chopra might have made Switzerland synomous with his love stories and New York is the place Karan Johar swears by! But for everything that is so mundane about you, I have to confess there are few places that stir the kind of heart-racing emotions in me as you do. Like Panda says, we just have to believe that something is special. I believe you are - for you've given me the experience that very few have, and honestly very few can.

The very mention of you wells such emotions in me, my heart can feel the pounding and only I know what it is was like the first and last time I was there. The anticipation, the element of surprise, the wait and the sense of longing. For all the pain that had been before was now to be set behind, for all the wait that was, was now to come to an end. All the plans I had made, they were just minutes away. I could see it coming, I knew it was coming! I can still hear the sound of that day, annoucing the imminent arrival. I wanted to run, scream, hide, surprise, embrace! Just wanted to see, feel and know!

The long journey to get to you, was to embark on a longer journey - only this time it was a happier one. You got me the love I sought! I remember everything, like it was just yesterday. I've thought of you so often since, and will do so ever more. I can't wait to come back to you. For everyone else in the world you might be just another place - mudane, regular, everyday, been there; not for me, never! I hope you know it! You mean a lot to me. Just thinking of you, wells tears in my eyes. I cant wait to see you again... soon, I'm hoping!!

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