Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let it go!!

Don’t know why I look that way,

When you keep looking away!

Wonder when I’d get to know,

At times it’s fine to let it go!!

Not sure when I’m in need,

I should let my heart to bleed!

Wonder when I’d learn to see,

At times it’s fine to let it be!!

Like punching hole in a cloud,

Fruitlessly I keep looking over aloud!

Wonder when I’d come to learn,

At times it’s fine to turn a lil stern!!

I hope to come around,

To the lonely sights and sound!

I hope to soon learn & know,

That it’s sure fine to let it go!!

1 comment:

V. Archana said...

Hi Venus... This is a nice write up.. :) its after months im visiting the blogs.. especially poetries..

I had been asked by Chitra to view this page.. pretty good one huh :) Like ur posts..

Btw.. im Your colleague Chitra Lakshman's vclose friend, Archana :)