Monday, June 13, 2011

Stay Still!!

In disagreeing acquiescence I lie,

Wishing for these times to go by!

While I summon all of my will,

Oh, troubled heart, just stay still!!

I sit and watch, and hope and pray,

For the night to pass for a brighter day!

Lonely as it may be, perched on this hill

Oh, troubled heart, just hold on until -

It’s time to wake up,

And it’s fine to go make up!

Swallow this bitter pill,

Oh, troubled heart, for now stay still!!

A lil confused and befuddled am I,

Too confused even to try!

Need some steel in me to instill

Oh, troubled heart, just stay still!!

It might be long, and let it be,

A bright new dawn I’m sure to see!

Find what I want, I sure will

Oh, troubled heart, just be still!!

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