Monday, June 27, 2011

Twinkling Lil Star

I’d gaze up at the sky each night

and find a twinkling lil star!

Each night it felt it there waiting

so close, yet so far!!

Each night as dusk filled the sky,

it appeared out for the world to see!

Yet there was some magic,

that I felt it was just meant for me!!

For me the star was all of the sky,

nothing beyond it mattered, it seems!

That when I closed my eyes and went to sleep,

the star was all that was in my dreams!!

Then one day when you came across,

And it felt like a dream come true!

And you touched my life, so much so

That I felt that star in you!!

And if there was ever a day,

when I feel you’re afar!

I’ll look at that star,

And I’d feel you close

No matter wherever you are!!

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