Friday, June 17, 2011

Magical Night!!

Underneath the bright moon light,
With the stars shinning galore!
We walk hand in hand,
We walk the sparkling sea shore!!

Whispering sweet nothings,
So softly that only you can hear!
As the waves gently caress our fee,
Want you to know, I love you my dear!!

Basking in the moonlit rays,
As stardust falls from above!
Hand in hand, eye to eye,
We stand locked in love!!

Surrounded by the captivating starlight,
Majestic moon shining by!
With the blackened skies as the backdrop,
Oh, I couldn’t help but sigh!!

As the magical night nears its end,
All I have wish to pray!
That each night be this magical,
However stressful might have been the day!!

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